Marketing Lessons From Netflix’s Marquee Billboards

From workshop idea to global social campaign success.

Today you’re going to learn about how Netflix has revolutionised the way they engage with their audience, from digital streaming to gaining billions of impressions and viral billboards across the globe.

The Birth of the Marquee Billboards:

In September 2021, Netflix unveiled their iconic marquee billboards on the corner of Sunset Blvd, signalling a new era of marketing strategy. These billboards, reminiscent of old-school cinema marquees, serve as more than just promotional tools. They act as conversation starters, tapping into the power of social media and the nostalgia of classic entertainment.

Their first marquee was an inspiring and motivational quote, that also shared their humble DVD beginnings. To test the social campaign, it was the perfect marquee and a very shareable piece of content.

The results from just their LinkedIn post showed the start of what was going to be a successful campaign:

  • +33,000,000 impressions

From then, Netflix’s marketing team began to understand the importance of staying in the forefront with their audience. They actively monitor social media trends and pay attention to what their fans are currently watching on the platform. Alongside social listening, they curate content for their marquee billboards that reflect the most talked-about shows and movies every week.

The billboards spark conversations and generate organic buzz online. Not only are the billboards relevant but they are so iconic through the power of old school physical letters, fun tone of voice, nostalgia of classic entertainment and strategically placing the billboards in high-visibility locations.

From Out-of-Home to Social Campaign:

While traditional out-of-home campaigns have their limitations, Netflix’s approach leverages the interconnectedness of social platforms to amplify their reach and impact. The billboards encourage online conversations, extending the campaign far beyond the physical space and into the digital era.

Netflix’s marquee billboard campaign further exemplifies the art of storytelling and engagement in the modern era. By listening to their audience, embracing social media trends, and thinking outside the traditional marketing box, they have redefined the way entertainment brands connect with their fans.

The journey from a workshop idea to a global social campaign success is a testament to the power of innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of one’s audience. Netflix’s marquee billboards will continue to capture our attention, ignite conversations, and inspire marketers to think beyond the ordinary.

What marketing lessons can we learn?

“Be conversational, not promotional” – Netflix Creative Team

Your target audience is the main focus. Instead of solely promoting your products or services, understand and address the needs, interests, and challenges of your target audience. Gather feedback, create conversations in the comments section and listen to your fans.

Find your unique way to connect with consumers

Depending on your marketing budget, think outside the box on how you can stand out to connect with your consumers. The Netflix marquee is still on brand to their identity and what they’re known for.

Position yourself offline in high visible places

It sounds obvious but you  need to be where your consumers are in the physical world to be seen.  Use your creativity to draw attention and curiosity to those around you.

When creating a OOH campaign, have a social strategy that is shareable.

If your OOH campaign is a success, it will be picked up and shared across social media. This gives more brand exposure so be prepared to engage in comments, have CTA’s ready and continue the campaign conversation online.

Today you have learnt about Netflix’s successful social campaign, that will be credited for years in the entertainment marketing industry.

The success of this social campaign will be celebrated and studied for years to come, as it showcases the immense potential of seamlessly integrating physical marketing efforts with the digital world.

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