Scott Browne: Head of Creative

In feature 008 of Creator Behind The Campaign, we spoke with Scott Browne, Head of Creative at Au Vodka.

Scott shares with us what a typical day in the life as Head of Creative consists of, the inspiration and strategic brief behind planning Au Vodka’s Bubblegum ‘Pop Me’ Poster Activation, the challenges he’s faced in the creative industry and the advice he’d give to someone looking to start a career in marketing.

1. Tell us about yourself, what is your current role(s) and what role(s) have you previously had in marketing?

I’m Scott, I’m 25 and I’m from Blackwood, South Wales.

My current role is Head of Creative at Au Vodka, before this I worked in Graphic Design for a social media marketing agency, as well as freelancing- specialising in logo, web and graphic design.

2. Can you share with us a typical day in the life of Au Vodka’s Head of Creative?

No day is the same really! The Au Vodka HQ is based in Swansea so most of my time is spent working on all things creative, from planning upcoming campaigns and activations to designing new products and merchandise.

We try and shoot a campaign every month or so which is usually filmed in London, as we work with a lot of artists in the music industry who are based there.

I’ve been very fortunate to meet a lot of cool and interesting people since joining Au!

3. What was the inspiration and strategic brief behind planning the Bubblegum ‘Pop Me’ Poster Activation?

It was a bit of a last minute idea, we were doing a pop-up activation in Cardiff City Centre, handing out samples of our new Bubblegum flavour to the public, and we wanted to advertise what we were doing in a fun, creative way.

People who managed to get a ‘Golden Ticket’ from inside the balloon, could exchange it for a full bottle at our activation area.

I’d seen a video online about someone walking in random places with a hi-visibility vest and a clipboard, claiming that, ‘no-one questions someone in hi-vis’ and had to put it to the test. We managed to put up 20 posters around the city centre with no complaints.

The response to the posters was great, we had loads of messages on our Instagram from people saying they’d seen the popped posters and asking where they could find more!

4. Do you have a favourite campaign you have worked on at Au Vodka? Can you please walk us through the creative process? 

I think the one that stands out as my favourite would be ‘The Heist’ campaign we shot for Green Watermelon. This was the first campaign I worked on with Au Vodka and was completely different to any work I’d done before, it felt like being on a movie set!

We shot a heist themed video in an old bank vault in London, with Charlie Sloth, Big Narstie, Giggs and Digga D.

You can see the video here:

5. Are there any challenges you face in the creative industry and how do you overcome them? 

I think it’s easy to compare yourself to other creatives in the industry and where they’re at on their journey, especially on LinkedIn.

Comparing yourself to others can stop you from wanting to put your work out there which is never good. Keep posting the work you enjoy and learn to use others success as motivation.

6. If you could share one piece of advice, what would you say to someone looking to start a career in marketing?

Don’t talk yourself out of starting because you think it’s too late to get into, marketing is forever changing so everyone is learning all the time.

7. Where can our community follow and engage with Au Vodka and yourself on social media? 

Au Vodka is @auvodka on all socials and I post all of my work content over on my LinkedIn page here.

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