Christmas Campaigns 2023: watch the latest festive ads.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as the holiday season begins the world of advertising comes alive with festive creativity.

In this article, we will unwrap 2023’s Christmas ads so you can see all of your favourite festive ads in one place.

We’ve received the star ratings of each Christmas ad from System1, a market research company who tests ads to predict the commercial impact.

Aldi: Kevin and the Christmas Factory by McCann

It’s not an Aldi Christmas campaign without Kevin the Carrot. This beloved character re-appears this year for a Wonka-themed Aldi Christmas.

The ad begins with five winners, eagerly waiting to enter ‘William Conker’s’ gravy-filled wonderland.

Other visitors to the factory, such as Greedy Gluttonous Grape, Sulky Sour Rhubarb, and Mischievous Kiwi, each face their own challenges until Kevin stands as the last one remaining.

After passing the test, Kevin begins distributing gifts to the Plumty Dumpty’s, before being gifted the factory’s ‘cheese.’

He then asks the heartwarming question: “Can I spread my good fortune with everyone?”

This is inspired from the good nature of Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The ad ends with a kind message from the narrator: “The spirit of seasonal goodwill fills the air, for Christmas is sweeter when shared.”

“Christmas is made magical by coming together and sharing the joy of celebration even in tough times- just like Kevin wants to with his Christmas wish.It wouldn’t be the festive season without Kevin the Carrot on our TV screens. We know our shoppers will love seeing him getting into the Christmas spirit as we welcome him back for his eighth year with us.” – Marketing director at Aldi UK Jemma Townsend

System1 star rating: 5.9

Amazon: Joy Ride (in-house)

Amazon’s Christmas ad, “Joy Ride,” tells the story of three lifelong friends who relive their youth on a snowy hill.

They celebrate the special moments which are made even more precious when shared – with a little help from the Amazon shopping app.

Accompanied by an instrumental version of The Beatles’ “In My Life,” the ad shares the story of three women, who don’t just relive memories, but make new ones.

The ad evokes emotion through nostalgia and captures the true essence of enduring friendships and shared memories.

“This year’s Christmas campaign is inspired by our Amazon customers and their thoughtful ideas and traditions… the stories we tell serve as a reminder that sometimes the joy you receive from doing something special, for those you love, can uplift us all at this time of year.” – Jo Shoesmith, VP Global CCO, Amazon

System1 star rating: 5.9

Argos: This Christmas, There’s More To Argos

Argos’s Christmas ad features the popular toy characters Connie and Trevor. In the ad, they highlight various brands available at Argos, from Shark to Sonos, aiming to inspire gift ideas for shoppers.

The film begins with Trevor shouting “lights, camera, coffee machine” as Connie, dressed in a pink Christmas jumpsuit, appears from the shadows. The doll dances across a table, showcasing Argos products, including a Sonos speaker and Habitat Gold cocktail shaker.

Hilariously, the ad ends with Trevor realising he has inadvertently recorded himself the entire time while filming the display on his phone.

There was no better way to show off what you can find at Argos this Christmas than bringing back our loveable and family-friendly characters Connie and Trevor”. The advert builds on the business’s ‘There’s More To Argos’ brand message, which launched earlier this year, which aims to showcase the range of third-party products on offer from the retailer.” – Argos head of campaigns Laura Boothby 

System1 star rating: 4

Asda: Pop The Bublé by Havas

From stage to supermarket aisle, Asda’s Christmas commercial sees superstar Michael Bublé in a new role.

In the new 90-second Christmas TV ad, Bublé takes on the role of Asda’s Chief Quality Officer, ensuring top-quality holiday offerings.

He measures chocolate and orange panettone’s, enjoys brown butter and spiced dark rum mince pies, and playfully oversees the festive preparations.

The ad, directed by Taika Waititi, begins with Bublé at his Chief Quality Officer desk, overseeing product quality.

He inspects various Christmas items, from the cheeseboard to truffle and parmesan pigs in blankets, showcasing his Christmas expertise.

There’s a nod to Asda’s 2022 Buddy the Elf ad as Bublé taste-tests different pigs in blankets, dismissing the maple-covered one as “so last year.”

The ad ends with Bublé joining a store-front choir to sing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” highlighting the joy of the holiday season.

“At Asda, we firmly believe that having the good stuff shouldn’t break the bank – especially at Christmas. We absolutely love the festive season at Asda – and we couldn’t think of anyone better to bring our Christmas campaign to life than Michael Bublé. With Bublé’s undeniable ability to spread seasonal smiles and our commitment to quality, at great value, we’re a match made in heaven, proving Asda is a one-stop-shop for families seeking magic this Christmas.” – David Hills, Chief Customer Officer at Asda

System1 star rating: 4.6

Apple: ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ by TWBA/Media Arts Lab

Apple shares ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ in their 2023 holiday ad.

The almost four-minute film, created with TBWA\Media Arts Lab, combines live action and stop motion, pulling on our heartstrings as it focuses on kindness and friendship.

The story is about a young office woman who has a grumpy and cold boss. With her creative skillset, she uses her iPhone to create a film, featuring her irritable manager whilst editing late at night on her MacBook.

As the story unfolds, the live-action shots tell a different story and the young office worker understands why her boss has been so cold.

The emotional spot is set to the soundtrack ‘Isn’t It a Pity’ by George Harrison.

In a statement, Apple said:

“Creativity has the power to change how we see each other and the world. Sometimes, seeing things through a new lens can make all the difference.”

Barbour: ‘Shaun the Sheep x Baa-bour’ by Aardman Studios

The 2023 Barbour Christmas ad features none other than Shaun the Sheep, brought to life by Aardman studios.

The heartwarming 90-second ad follows Shaun, Bitzer, and the Flock as they take it upon themselves to mend the farmer’s well-worn Barbour wax jacket.

In their quest to help, the clever sheep improvise with items found on Mossy Bottom Farm, such as making a zipper from hair combs and sealing the jacket with hot candle wax. When the farmer tries on his repaired Barbour jacket, it quickly falls apart.

However, Christmas is saved when Bitzer magically restores the farmer’s original jacket, expertly repaired by the Barbour factory. This festive tale is sure to warm hearts and spread holiday cheer.

“This Christmas, we wanted to demonstrate the importance of extending the life of our garments and we’ve been able to achieve this through our partnership with Aardman. Working with Shaun the Sheep and his friends, we’ve created a light-hearted and engaging film that we hope will make people smile this festive season,” says Paul Wilkinson, Group Commercial Director, Barbour

System1 star rating: 5.9

Boots: Give Joy by The Pharm

Boots aims to become synonymous with joy in its Christmas campaign this year. Their TV ad, “Thank you, Santa,” crafted by The Pharm agency, narrates the journey of a mother and daughter set to the music of Val Doonican.

Prompted by the daughter’s curiosity about Santa’s gift-giver, the pair embarks on a North Pole adventure, sharing Boots’ gifts with those who assist them along the way.

“This year, more than ever, we know people want to have a great Christmas, but they also want to recognise and celebrate the people that have been with them through this last year. And they themselves want to be appreciated and valued. So that insight really drove the whole campaign.” – Pete Markey, chief Marketing Officer

System1 star rating: 5.3

Coca-Cola: The World Needs More Santas by WPP Open X led by VMLY&R, Ogilvy and Essence Mediacom, Hogarth and JKR teams

Coca-Cola’s new holiday campaign continues its timeless tradition of celebrating Santa Claus and the spirit of kindness and joy during the season.

The campaign, titled: “The World Needs More Santas” envisions a world where people of all walks of life become Santa Claus, including firefighters, skateboarders, taxi drivers, and fitness enthusiasts.

This angle aims to highlight the impact of kindness and generosity in our world.

The ad features the song “I Could Be Santa Claus” by the British singer-songwriter Celeste.

The extensive marketing effort involves a digital quiz, Christmas truck tours, competitions on product packaging, and outdoor advertising components.

“The World Needs More Santas’ hinges on the idea that through acts of kindness, anyone can embrace their inner Santa. Kindness is one of the brand’s core values,” – Islam ElDessouky, global creative, strategy and content lead for Coke

System1 star rating: 5.3

Disney: A Wish For The Holidays

In Disney’s Christmas spot, the focus is on the power of wishing and hope everyone’s dreams come true.

In support of Make-A-Wish® ‘A Disney A Wish For The Holidays’, the Holiday campaign takes inspiration from the soon to be released Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Wish.

The advert is directed by Grammy Award-winning Nigerian/British director Meji Alabi and was fully shot in South Africa, with scenes representing six geographical locations and languages.

It tells the stories of families from around the world, who are united by a universal wish to be together with their loved ones during the Holidays.

The advert includes globally recognisable song ‘A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes’, from Cinderella, rearranged to enable multiple performers to come together with one united voice.

System1 star rating: 5.7

Duracell: Bunny Saves Christmas by Wunderman Thompson

For the first time in 5 years, Duracell returns with a Christmas ad, telling the story of how the Duracell Bunny comes to the rescue as Rudolph’s nose lost power. 

After opening the reindeer’s nose, the bunny notices he has ordinary batteries and swaps them out for Duracell Optimum. 

Once the sleigh is back on track, the Duracell Bunny throws a sack of batteries onto the back of Santa’s sleigh, telling him that: “the toys are going to need them too” as Santa continues to deliver the presents. 

The holiday ad ends with a simple reminder this Christmas: “Don’t risk it, choose Duracell”.

“I’m thrilled to see the Bunny return to TV screens, with this year’s Christmas campaign serving as a reminder to make sure everyone is ready for the big day. Between the Bunny’s boundless power, and Duracell Optimum’s superior performance, Christmas is back on track.” – Marco Montanaro, Associate Marketing Director

JD Sports: The Bag for Life by Uncommon Creative Studio

JD Sports Christmas advert this year celebrates 25 years of the iconic yellow duffle bag.

Titled ‘The Bag for Life’, the global campaign celebrates British youth culture showing real-life scenarios of JD consumers with the iconic yellow bag. For example, moments from a first kiss, to playing football on the street and hanging around with mates, the enduring presence of the yellow duffle bag is evident. These illustrative examples directly resonate with the audience, tapping into nostalgic sentiments and fostering a sense of unity across generations.

Soundtracked to Sweet Harmony, originally released in 1991, the campaign also features famous names from entertainment, music and the sports industry including: Kano, Central Cee, Cat Burns, Ants Live, Davido and many more.

“JD has always been the force behind propelling youth culture forwards, and we want to commend the unique place that the brand is fortunate enough to occupy. As the number one retailer for sports fashion and lifestyle, we’re excited to unveil Forever Forward, whilst celebrating the 25th anniversary of the JD duffle being a visible icon for our audience.

“This year’s cast are all young individuals with their own innate power to shape the world around them, and JD takes pride in spotlighting this amazing talent to encourage the next generation to continually move Forever Forward.” – Chris Waters, EU Marketing Director

System1 star rating: 2.9

John Lewis: Snapper, The Perfect Tree by Saatchi & Saatchi

John Lewis Christmas ads have become an annual tradition, eagerly awaited for their heartwarming storytelling and memorable themes.

This year, John Lewis has partnered with a different creative agency than usual to create the marketing strategy around its holiday ad.

Titled “Snapper, The Perfect Tree,” the ad narrates the story of a young boy who tenderly cares for a seed purchased at a local market, believing it will grow into a Christmas tree.

However, the outcome takes a turn towards the unconventional, resembling more of a scene from “Little Shop of Horrors” than a classic evergreen fir.

The rapidly growing plant starts snapping at the family dog and devouring decorations, crossing the line until it is eventually taken outside into the cold.

Snapper was replaced with a traditional Christmas tree, while the young boy watches from the frosty garden through the window.

Yet, the story doesn’t end with Snapper cast aside forever.

Accompanied by the uplifting tones of opera star Andrea Bocelli, the family takes the festivities outdoors, concluding with the tagline: “Let your traditions grow.”

“The film celebrates the themes of family and evolving traditions, conveying that a “perfect” Christmas involves finding joy together with loved ones, regardless of the unique traditions each person holds dear”. – Charlotte Lock, Customer Director.

System1 star rating: 3.6

Lidl: A Magical Christmas by The Romans

Lidl reveals a heartwarming Christmas ad featuring a courageous raccoon.

The advert narrates the story of an adorable raccoon that goes to great lengths to make a young boy’s day extra special.

It began with the raccoon peeking through a window, observing a family decorating a Christmas tree with excitement. In an unfortunate mishap, the family dog accidentally breaks the boy’s beloved monkey Christmas ornament.

In an attempt to uplift her son’s spirits, the mother, while doing her weekly shopping at Lidl, selects a cuddly toy but accidentally drops it on the way home.

That’s when the raccoon steps in as the hero, embarking on an adventure to retrieve the toy monkey. It navigates the city using various means, including climbing road signs, taking the tube, and even sailing on a log across a river to ensure the toy is placed under the family’s Christmas tree.

“At Christmas, there’s nothing more magical than seeing the joy a gift can bring to a child, and we want to help make sure this joy reaches all families.  

“Our hope is that by bringing back the toy donation points we are making it easier, for those customers who can, to donate directly to local good causes by giving them a small way to make a real difference and help those that need it the most.” – Peter de Roos, Chief Commercial Officer

System1 star rating: 5.8

McDonald’s: Fancy A McDonald’s this Christmas? by Leo Burnett

McDonald’s Christmas spot this year is the third instalment to their ‘Raise Your Arches’ campaign. The ad is set to Van Halen’s iconic 80’s smash hit ‘Jump’, and shows people abandoning their Christmas traditions to head to the Golden Arches.

The ad depicts people leaving festive scenarios, such as Santa in his grotto, parents watching school nativity play and a dull office Christmas party to head to McDonald’s. It also pays homage to the cue card scene from Love Actually, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, creatively addressing the silent communication theme of the campaign.

“From a 99p Big Mac to 20% off meals, we wanted to get into the Christmas spirit early with Festive Wins, a generous and joyful month-long celebration of offers and prizes. Over the next 30 days, customers can get that festive feeling by heading to our app where they can get some incredible food offers and win some very merry merchandise.’’ – Michelle Graham-Clare, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s UK

System1 star rating: 3.9

M&S Christmas Food

M&S Food is reintroducing its holiday fairy, delightfully voiced by Dawn French. This year, the fairy is accompanied by two new companions, Hollywood actors and co-owners of Wrexham football club, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

The pair voice The Mittens, named Left and Right, in what M&S terms a six-part blockbuster ad series.

When The Mittens become separated from their owner, Lilly, The Fairy steps in to brighten their spirits by unveiling the enchantment of an M&S Christmas.

Together, they explore the finest offerings from M&S Food during the holiday season, culminating in a festive feast complete with all the traditional accompaniments.

“This year’s Christmas advertising campaign is possibly my favourite to date. Not only does it build on the unrivalled success of last year, it also introduces a sprinkle of Hollywood glamour with the addition of both Rob and Ryan.

“The warming tale is sure to tug on the heartstrings of the nation, whilst putting M&S Food at the heart – something we know our customers love. I mean, who doesn’t get the Christmas feels when they see M&S Food in all its glory on the big screen!” – Sharry Cramond, Director of Marketing and Hospitality

System1 star rating: 4.9

Morrisons: More of The Winning Feeling by Leo Burnett

Morrisons has revealed its 2023 Christmas ad, featuring a lively cast of kitchen oven gloves eagerly “on hand to help” during this most wonderful time of the year.

In the heartwarming 60-second commercial, set to the classic power ballad “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by American rock band Starship, the oven gloves harmonise their support for those preparing a memorable Christmas dinner.

The patterned kitchen essentials burst out of cupboards, perch on worktops, and emerge from under tables as family members prepare all the essential components of a festive feast, including vegetables, crispy roast potatoes, and classic pigs in blankets.

Together, they ensure that hosts are fully prepared to tackle the eagerly anticipated holiday meal. The video conveys a heartwarming message to customers, assuring them that, much like the dependable oven gloves, Morrisons is always ready to assist, providing “more reasons to shop at Morrisons” this Christmas.

Additionally, the famous “More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons” jingle, which was reintroduced earlier this year, has received a festive twist for the duration of the campaign.

“This Christmas – and every Christmas – great British food should be the star of the show and so our ad showcases Morrisons brilliant Christmas range. But there’s always a lot to do when preparing the big Christmas meal and some classic 1980s power ballad encouragement is clearly in order. And so we’ve made the trusty oven glove the tuneful cheerleaders of the nation’s Christmas chefs and we hope they enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Nothing’s gonna stop us making this Christmas the best for our customers.” – Rachel Eyre, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer

System1 star rating: 5.9

Sainsbury’s: Big Fella’s Christmas Dinner by New Commercials Art

Sainsbury’s has unveiled its 2023 Christmas ad featuring 80s pop icon Rick Astley, with a playful reference to his hit song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’

In this one-minute TV commercial set in a Sainsbury’s store, a young girl uses the store’s intercom to ask, “Hey Sainsbury’s, what does Santa eat for his Christmas dinner?”

Her query prompts various suggestions from the store’s employees, showcasing the supermarket’s festive range of delectable dishes and showstoppers, including the ‘charcuter-tree’ sharing platter, buttermilk turkey crown, and the ‘No Beef’ Wellington.

Rick Astley makes a cameo appearance in the cheese aisle, humorously recommending, “How about some cheese?” However, two colleagues playfully rebuke him with lines from his famous song.

The ad concludes with an overhead view of Santa’s Christmas feast, incorporating the Sainsbury’s staff’s recommendations. It closes with the supermarket’s new brand promise “Good Food for All of Us,” emphasising its ability to offer a diverse selection of food for all occasions and budgets.

Notably, this marks the first time that Sainsbury’s has used its actual employees to portray colleagues in its ad, highlighting the crucial role its 152,000 staff members play during Christmas and throughout the year.

“We wanted to create an advert that champions our colleagues all over the country, as well as highlighting the innovation of this year’s Taste the Different range. From brand-new festive treats to offers on household Christmas favourites, Sainsbury’s has something for everyone’s table – whatever the budget or tastebuds.” – Emma Bisley, Sainsbury’s head of campaigns

System1 star rating: 5.7

Shelter: Good As Gold by Don’t Panic

Shelter’s Christmas campaign sheds light on the harsh realities faced by thousands of children in the UK.

This poignant ad revolves around eight-year-old Maddie (played by Tilly Walker), embodying the 131,000 children who will wake up on December 25 without a place to call home.

The narrative starts in the fashion of typical holiday commercials, with Maddie overhearing a conversation at the post office about how she’ll make it onto Santa’s nice list if she’s “good as gold.”

Taking this advice to heart, Maddie embarks on a journey of goodwill, helping her neighbours with their Christmas tree, offering her bus seat to someone in need, and assisting her teacher in collecting homework.

After a night of hope and anticipation, Maddie awakens on Christmas morning in a tiny one-room dwelling with her mother and baby brother.

In a heart-wrenching moment, Maddie exclaims, “But I was so good,” realising her wish for a home has gone unfulfilled.

The ad concludes with the somber message: “No child should ever have to wish for a home, but over 131,000 do.”

Government statistics released in July revealed that the numbers of households and children in temporary accommodation in England have reached record highs, with 104,510 households in temporary housing by the end of March, the highest number in 25 years of record-keeping.

“This advert brings to life what it really means for a child to have nowhere to call home. Make no mistake: a cramped hostel room or a run-down bedsit is not a home, but this is where far too many children will be waking up on Christmas morning.” – Polly Neate, Chief Executive

Tesco: Become More Christmas by BBH London

The supermarket’s Christmas advert narrates the tale of a moody teenager who is not very eager to participate in the holiday celebrations with his family.

The teenager’s dad drives them to Tesco, for their usual food shop. As the enthusiastic, festive dad is wondering among the isles, he samples a few holiday treats and suddenly transforms into a Christmas tree, a distinct indication that he has embraced the festive spirit.

Throughout the advert, the dad tries to get his son to join in the fun with the help from family members and Tesco staff.

While family members ‘Becomes More Christmas’, the teenage son remains reluctant to get into the festive spirit. However, his dad then hands him the handcrafted Christmas tree topper that he made when he was a little boy. The teenage son then transformed into a Christmas tree, topped with that very star.

“We want our seasonal campaigns to reflect how our customers feel as we know there’s been more anticipation for the festivities this year. Our Christmas Report revealed that, as early as September, nearly a quarter of the nation (24%) was already looking forward to celebrating Christmas more than usual. This year, our #BecomeMoreChristmas ad captures the emotions and excitement we feel, as we draw closer to the big day.

“At Tesco, as Christmas approaches, we’re providing customers with all their festive favourites and some exciting twists, with quality and great value at the heart of it all.

“On behalf of Tesco, we wish you all a Merry Christmas.” – Emma Botton, Group Customer Director

TK Maxx: Festive Farm by Wieden+Kennedy London

TK Maxx has unveiled its latest Christmas ad, featuring a stylish and festive menagerie of animals. In a 40-second spot titled “Festive Farm,” these adorable creatures catwalk out of their barn, donning fashionable TK Maxx outfits, coinciding with the retailer’s most extensive Christmas gift collection ever.

As the iconic intro of Eve and Gwen Stefani’s early noughties hit “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” sets the stage, the animals gracefully parade through the snowy landscape, flaunting their fabulous Yuletide presents.

First to emerge is an alpaca sporting a turtleneck and crossbody bag, followed by a pair of ducks bedecked in Harry Styles-inspired pearls, an elegant silk scarf, and a suave pink bow tie. Bringing up the rear is an irresistibly cute hedgehog, donning a cozy pink cashmere woolly hat, and the “lil’ goat” from the 2020 TK Maxx Christmas campaign, making a stylish return to the parade.

The ad concludes with the farmer questioning his wife about the lavish farm outfits, to which she responds, “Oh, I did, love,” and they share a laugh as they watch their animals strut into the distance, decked out in quality gifts for less at TK Maxx.

“Our festive campaign celebrates everything our customers love about TK Maxx at Christmas.  We know people want to show friends and family they care with beautiful, quality gifts, but we also know most of us are still watching our finances carefully.

“Our brilliant buyers have worked tirelessly this year to source our best ever collection of branded presents, from elegantly boxed candles and the latest beauty and toy bargains to the finest Italian handbags. There’s something for everyone at all under one roof and customers can enjoy big brands and great quality at amazing value, with up to 60% off the RRP. So whether you’re gifting your mum, your nephew, your dog or even your lil’ goat, everyone can spoil loved ones for less this Christmas at TK Maxx.” – Deborah Dolce, Group Director

System1 star rating: 5

Very: Let’s Make It Sparkle

Very’s 2023 Christmas ad brings fun and sparkles to our screens.

Introducing the brand’s new mascots, Kerry, Terry, and Cherry, the campaign unfolds with pink thunderclouds sweeping in, accompanied by a remix of Girls Aloud’s ‘Merry Christmas, Everybody.’

Throughout the scenes, pink delivery flamingos emerge, astonishing the pigeons as they transport Very parcels. With each delivery, the homes of Kerry, Terry, and Cherry burst into massive clouds of pink glitter, bringing Christmas joy to all.

“We know Very customers are as imaginative and enthusiastic about everyday moments as they are about Christmas, and we want to celebrate and enable that sense of joy and fun all year round as part of our commitment to our purpose; helping families get more out of life. ‘Let’s Make It Sparkle’ brings that spirit to life brilliantly, and we’re so excited for the opportunities this new creative platform will open up in 2024 and beyond.” – Jessica Myers, Chief Marketing Officer

System1 star rating: 4.8

Vodafone: Feel The Connection by Ogilvy UK

Vodafone launched its new Christmas campaign which celebrates the power of connection to bring joy this festive season.

Created with Ogilvy UK, the 30-second ad focuses on the importance of connecting to the people and things that matter most this Christmas.

The story is centred around a little mischievous girl named Lily, who is trying to set a cunning trap to capture Santa on her wireless camera.

With the help of her toy Elf and Vodafone’s reliable award-winning network, Lily continues to check her master plan trap with her parents’ phone. Much to her disappointment, there is no sign of Santa.

However, when Lily wakes up on Christmas Day, she soon finds out the carrot and milk she left out is almost all gone. Bursting with excitement, she runs upstairs to check the video footage with her parents, only to discover Santa has been and she has successfully captured a video of him cheekily waving to the camera.  

“In today’s cultural climate we have listened to the customer and understood their desire to have something optimistic and light hearted during this festive season. As a brand we know the important role our connectivity plays in family life, and wanted to celebrate this through the eyes of a tech savvy little girl who gives a whole new twist to the elf on the shelf. Our little elf gives us a creative vehicle to symbolise connectivity, and allows us to stretch the idea and the positive feel-good factor, across all our touch points.” – Maria Koutsoudakis, Head of Brand, Vodafone UK

System1 star rating: 5.6

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